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Point of difference – we combine chiropractic adjustments with a variety of
soft tissue techniques which do not use forceful manipulation.

Techniques we use in the Clinic:

Chiropractic adjustment – with a precise low amplitude, short lever, high velocity and segment specific thrust we correct the cause of a problem, providing long term benefits.

Myofascial Release (MFR) – does not use forceful manipulation. It is the three dimensional application of sustained pressure  movement into the fascial system in order to break down

Activator – ease of application, safety and controlled force to the spinal structures have made it the most popular of mechanically assisted manual methods. Learn More >

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) – it’s aim is to release muscle spasm and trapped nerves, eliminate trigger points (which cause referred pain), and so restore alignment, good biomechanics and

Postisometric muscle relaxation (PIR) – this method is as advantageous for muscle relaxation as it has proved to be for joint mobilisation. PIR is both effective and extremely gentle.

Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC). Learn More:

Sports and deep tissue massage – can help in exercise recovery, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Remedial exercises – after the initial examination and treatment we prescribe a “minimum-programme” of exercises (specific stretching and strength-training) based on isometrics.

Reflexology – is massage of the soles of the feet that stimulates corresponding organs and systems of the body.